Crop Improvement

1.  Integrated Gene Management (Augmentation, Evaluation, Conservation and Utilization)

2.  Identification of resistant/tolerant donors with high yield potential against major insect-pests and pathogens and their utilization

3.  Allele mining and discovery of new genes for productivity and resistance/tolerance to biotic/a biotic stresses to exploit in breeding programmes

4. Widening of gene-pools through intra/inter-specific hybridization and genetic enhancement (Pre-breeding)

a)  Spot blotch disease of wheat

b)  Sclerotinia Rot  and alter aria blight of rapeseed and mustard

c)  Sterility mosaic virus of any field crops

d)  Heat, drought tolerance of wheat, maize, vegetables, etc

5.  Breeding for high yielding varieties/hybrids: Tolerant/resistant to wide range of biotic/a biotic stresses through pyramiding of genes using conventional and molecular tools

6.  Identification and mapping of the QTL associated with yield tolerance/resistance and quality in different crops and their introgression

7.  Genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics analysis of the crops for biotic/a biotic stresses.

8.  Genomic analysis of the plant pathogen and diversity available in Bihar

9.   Identification of genotypes with better nutrient uptake ability and efficient utilization ( Input use Efficiency)

10.  Clonal selection of fruit crops for improving plant type